Humanitarian to Celebrate 2 Milestones April 8 – 2 Millionth Meal Served During Pandemic & 6 Millionth Meal in All

Humanitarian and restaurateur Sir Bruno Serato will celebrate 2 milestones on  Thursday, April 8 when he and his team of volunteers serve up his 2 millionth meal during the pandemic and his 6 millionth meal served since he started his nonprofit 16 years ago. The celebration will be from (time) to (time) at (location with  address). 

During the event, he and his team will hand out meals to families who will drive  their cars under an archway of colorful balloons and celebratory signs  acknowledging the milestones. 

In just one year, Serato has served up what it took him more than a decade to  achieve when he started his nonprofit, Caterina’s Club, in 2005. While he typically  feeds 5,000 children each day, the need has grown exponentially due to the great  numbers of Southern Californians who are unemployed or underemployed due to  COVID-19. 

BACKGROUND: Headquartered in Southern California, Caterina’s Club reaches  Orange, LA and San Diego counties. Serato’s influence has extended far beyond the  local area to include Chicago, New York, Texas, Mexico and Italy. His nonprofit also  helps families escape living in drug, and crime-infested motels and into safer,  cleaner and permanent housing. His Hospitality Program seeks to divert at-risk  high school students by introducing them to opportunities in the food, hospitality  and service industries. 

For his humanitarian work, Serato has earned international publicity including  profiles in People Magazine, CBS, NBC, CNN as well as newspapers and magazines  the world over. Among his many honors: CNN Hero, knighted by the Italian  government, knighted by the House of Savoy, Ellis Island Medal of Honor, Papal  blessing by Pope Francis, humanitarian award on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, and  numerous proclamations, Man of the Year awards and other forms of recognition — all of which he accepts to generate public awareness of the needs of our most  vulnerable population – our children. 

Caterina’s Club is always seeking donations of tomato sauce and pasta for its food  distribution program as well as socks and undergarments for children ages 4– 18. For more information or to make a donation to Caterina’s Club,  visit

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