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Providing hot, nutritious food to children all over the world

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Harness the power of pasta! The vision of Caterina’s Club to end global hunger begins with pasta. We believe that this sustainable food is the answer to provide the world with the energy we need. We are taking over hunger one city at a time! The Feeding the Children program first launched in 2005 and began with one warm meal. Chef Bruno gave hot pasta to an at-risk youth then, and now serves over 25,025 fresh, nutritionally balanced meals to underprivileged children every week.

Caterina’s Club identifies food insecure children who are at high-risk of malnutrition and are extremely underprivileged in our communities. We ensure these children have access to warm nutritional meals nightly by delivering the meals to their after-school programs. Our dedication knows no bounds as we are serving in 30 different cities at 114 different locations spread throughout Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties. We are proud to be making a difference in the lives of these children, their families, and hope to only expand even further.

Orange County residents struggle to get their food needs met on a regular basis, and that number is growing
Children are at risk of hunger each month in Orange County
1 in 5 0
Of childhood type 2 diabetes has been linked to the consumption of high processed foods
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