Hospitality Academy

Chef Bruno’s hospitality academy is breaking the cycle of homelessness through Job and Skill Training

What we do?

Educate the youth of OC to break the poverty cycle.

Chef Bruno’s Hospitality Academy; a partnership with Anaheim Union’s P21 Mentorship program, to provide at-risk teenagers with a nine-week program that teaches content and skills not taught in the traditional school day. The academy is an extended learning opportunity where students are introduced to the Orange County Hospitality Industry at large, and then trained in restaurant specific skills. Executives from major hotels, hospitals, culinary schools, and businesses have been secured as guest speakers to provide students insight on the opportunities that lie ahead as they prepare to exit high school and enter the workforce. Over the course of nine weeks, our expert staff trains the students in all aspects of the restaurant and hotel industry including cuisine, nutrition, restaurant service, marketing, administration, and financial literacy. More than skill learning and resume building, this program strives to provide children with a unique and impactful career exploration opportunity. The Academy will also serve as an innovative after school program to keep the teens in our community off the streets and involved in activities that will help shape and brighten their future. Finally, we believe that providing young adults with the necessary skills to become employed will be instrumental in preventing the cycle of homelessness.

Administrators of the Hospitality Program, professionals in the industry, and peer groups will assess learned skills and behaviors of the students prior to graduation. Students will be tested in quantifiable areas such as proper safety measures, food cost analysis, food prep technique, and overall service performance. Finally, all students who graduate from the academy will be provided with letters of recommendations and followed up with in order to report how many students have successfully become employed in the hospitality industry upon completion of the program.


Orange County residents struggle to get their food needs met on a regular basis, and that number is growing

1 in 5

Children are at risk of hunger each month in Orange County


Of childhood type 2 diabetes has been linked to the consumption of high processed foods

Our Impact


Students graduated


Students have secured job employment


Guests served by students

“When I first began the academy I was very shy and reserved, but over time my attitude changed dramatically. Thanks to the program, my confidence has increased only to benefit me and my future. The program also lead me to other opportunities like obtaining a paid internship and college scholarship. Most importantly, Caterina’s Club has given me the opportunity to help other students in my community.”

Victoria, 17
Katella High School

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Some Highlights from the Spring 2019 Class