Why Customer Service & Empathy Matters Now More Than Ever

We believe everyone needs to stay alert and stay safe during this troubling time. Showing empathy to your customers can go a long way to helping your organization.

Activating Your Nonprofit Board In Difficult Times

In difficult times it can be hard for everyone, board members included, but this doesn’t mean your organization has to suffer. Learn what you can do to better engage your board members.

Where Hospitality Workers in Need Can Find Help

The Hospitality industry is taking a major hit during this pandemic. Luckily, if you’re a hospitality worker, we’ve provided resources to help you through some of these obstacles.

5 Steps to Prepare for a Post COVID-19 Return

As businesses slowly reopen, we can take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves to interact with other workers and provide a safe experience for valued customers.

Amid a Pandemic, Chef Bruno & Anaheim White House Donates Over Half a Million Meals

We are dedicated to beating COVID19 with fresh meals and a supportive hand for our community

3 Important Public Health Resources for Orange County Residents

Here are some public health resources to help you manage some of the latest changes in Orange County

Why Food Banks Matter to Your Community Wellbeing

We know times are tough and some essential items are scarce, but food banks are still a reliable source of support for your community

Food Safety Best Practices & Considerations Around COVID-19

Every business is different and for the food industry, we understand this industry’s hygiene is especially heightened. Learn what the FDA has released in regards to the best food safety practices.

Maintaining a Healthy Food Supply – 7 Foods to Keep in Your Storage

In times of crisis, you and your loved ones must always be prepared and maintain a healthy food supply

How Restaurants Can Continue Serving Their Customers During A Crisis

We know times are difficult right now and finding new ways to maintain your customers can be difficult. With these tips, you can keep your loyal customers happy while staying safe.

3 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit More Sustainable

Nonprofit organizations are in the perfect position to lead by example by going green.

Why Housing Assistance Makes a Big Difference for Families

With housing assistance initiatives, such as our Welcome Home Program, we can bring struggling families back together. 

The Importance of On-The-Job Training For Youth Development

On-the-job training allows kids to have real experience in real-life situations, where they have the ability to learn how to deal with different walks of life.

3 Statistics to Be Aware of For At-Risk Youth

Every year, programs that educate and inform communities on the trends for at-risk youth can better help them and provide action.

Why Donating “Holiday Foods” Is So Important

Holiday foods are an important part for all charitable deeds for a happy and eventful season

3 Reasons to Make a Charitable Donation This Holiday Season

There are plenty of reasons making a charitable donation can set a good example for your friends and family to do the same.

4 Creative Ways to Show Gratitude To Your Donors

Showing appreciation for your donors establishes better relationships and builds trust for your organization.

Why Food is the Gateway To Building Community Engagement and Partnerships

Food is an important aspect of building relationships, which is why pasta continues to be the foundation for Caterina’s Club.

Announcing Our Caterina’s Club Membership!

At Caterina’s Club, we strive to change the state of California by ending poverty. Our new membership program aims to help us move closer to our goal.

Three EASY Ways Your Restaurant Can Give Back To Your Community

When you work at a restaurant, you’ll find a few new interesting opportunities to give back to your community.

Caterina’s Club Raises $450,000 at the Red Carpet Gala

Caterina’s Club Annual Gala was a huge success! We are grateful to everyone who attended the event and contributed their time, energy, and money to help our cause.

Make a Change in the World with the Be the Change Foundation’s Youngevity 5k

At this year’s Youngevity 5k, Chef Bruno & Caterina’s Club was just one of the valued charity partners who were honored for their impact on their communities.

Caterina’s Club Announces the 14th Annual Red Carpet Gala  

Through our annual Gala, we’ll increase support and honor mother Caterina’s vision to provide the right kind of help for struggling families. 

Feeding the Children in America: Caterina’s Club

At Caterina’s Club, we want to support families to get back on their feet and give children a healthy life and a helpful push forward.

5 Top Places To Gain Experience for a Job in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry 

For a role in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you can find experience almost anywhere. Here are a few suggestions that may help you get your foot in the door.

Why Jobs in Hospitality and Service industry Have A Huge Impact on Local Communities

Hospitality roles provide plenty of opportunity for hardworking and dedicated individuals who enjoy serving and delighting others.

How to Identify At-Risk Communities from Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is just one of many challenges at-risk communities face every day, an issue that Caterina’s Club works through by providing children with opportunities and sustainable warm meals.

Happy Father’s Day from Our Guardian to Yours by Chef Bruno

A warm Father’s Day message from Chef Bruno Serato for parents, children and the communities that Caterina’s Club helps every day.

How Caterina’s Club Addresses Family Homelessness in Orange County

Homelessness and poverty are issues worldwide. In Orange County, Caterina’s Club has taken it upon themselves to eliminate homelessness and provide families with safe, affordable housing.

7 Essential Skills for a Career in Hospitality and Restaurant Management

Working in the restaurant and hospitality space is centered around customer service, and with certain key qualities, you can build long term relationships and a successful career in this industry.

Celebrating Our 3 Million Meal Milestone

At Caterina’s Club, we are pleased to serve our community over the years and provide at-risk teenagers, children, and families with over 3 Million Pasta meals and counting!

A Night To Remember: Notte di Savoia & Caterina’s Club

The Notte di Savoia event honored Caterina’s Club and highlighted the charitable giving and hospitaller care of the historic, dynastic orders of knighthood at the Royal House of Savoy.

How You Can Make the Most Out of an Internship with Caterina’s Club

With an internship at Caterina’s Club, you can become more involved in programs that have a significant impact in Orange County communities.

Highlights from the Spring 2019 Graduates of the Hospitality Academy

Hospitality Academy 2019 gave teenagers a high level of excitement about their future careers, learning from the best chefs and leaders in the restaurant and hospitality industry

Top 10 Careers in the Restaurant and Service Industry

The restaurant and service industry is filled with opportunities for hard-working individuals who are dedicated to serving others with quality and style.

Why Pasta is the most sustainable food for children

Pasta is a staple in many countries, and when it comes to mindful food choices, pasta is one of the most sustainable food choices to have.