5 Reasons Food Distribution Networks Matter to Communities

A distribution network is an intermediate point in a supply chain that receives goods from a manufacturer and delivers them to an end customer. Location, or proximity to the customer, and infrastructure are two important components of a distribution network. Every day examples include companies such as Wal-Mart and Amazon. A food distribution network is similar, yet the goal is not convenience and good pricing for the customer and efficiency, good margins and higher profits for the company. A food distribution network matters a great deal more to a community.

Provide an ongoing need

Estimates vary and it is difficult to accurately quantify the extent of the problem, but on any given day, 10% of the population of Orange County lack reliable access to a consistent source of nutritious food. That’s over 300,000 people, many of them children and seniors.

Provide emergency assistance

The ongoing food insecurity can be exacerbated by an emergency situation. The COV-19 pandemic is one example, but earthquakes, mudslides or floods also create situations where large numbers of individuals are suddenly in need.

Provide access to supermarket-quality food

It’s often called living in a food desert when no grocery stores are located within a certain community or transportation for members of the community prevent access.

Provide a means to reduce food waste

Food waste in America is an enormous problem. Grocery stores and restaurants can be the source of healthy, edible food that is nonetheless deemed unsellable; the food distribution network can assure the sustainability, safety and perishability issues are addressed in getting the food to those in need.

Provide opportunity 

Nothing will change until the cycle of poverty-hunger-poor health-underachievement-poverty is broken. With community support and individual donations, we can make a difference.

Caterina’s Club feeds over 25,000 children and helps families relocate from unsafe motel living to a sustainable family home. Please help our community with your donation. 


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