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Feeding The Kids

The Feeding the Kids in America program first launched in 2005 and now serves over 5,005 hot pasta dinners every night to low-income children at 87 different after-school program sites spread throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Caterina’s Club learned the best way to make the biggest impact would be to partner with local programs such as Boys and Girls Clubs, churches, YMCA, and other after-school program locations.

Welcome Home

Motels often house an uneasy confluence of drug addicts, registered sex offenders and criminals. Due to the lack of affordable housing and stymied by high rents – these motels have also become housing for homeless families, many of which have full time jobs and provide for at least 2-3 children. Being able to afford and save the first and last month’s rent, as well as a security deposit on a family-friendly apartment is impossible for these families stuck in the nightly motel cycle.

The Welcome Home program provides families with the deposit and first and last month’s rent needed to escape motel life. In addition to covering move in costs, Caterina’s Club collects donated furniture, appliances and other home goods to jump start these families’ new lives. While we have been able to provide 217 families with permanent housing, (100% of which have not returned to motel living), we thought it would be a great opportunity to encourage community members to ‘Adopt a Family.’

The average cost to move in a family is $5,000, and with your help, we could help these families create self-sustainability by being able to re-focus their priorities on employment, parenting, and long-term family goals, which has always been our vision.

Hospitality Academy

The Academy was designed to combat homelessness and gang involvement while simultaneously providing a career exploration opportunity for at-risk youth. This 9-week job skill-training program strives to secure employment and encourage higher education for graduating young adults as they prepare to exit high school and join the workforce.

Annual Snow Day

Over the past 7 years, the Caterina’s Club has hosted it’s annual “Winter Wonderland” Snow Day celebration that serves as an early Thanksgiving dinner and a pre-Christmas festivity to more than 400 motel children in our community.

On this day, children gather at the Anaheim White House Restaurant and enjoy a fve star meal, a visit from Santa Claus and other special guests, topped of with a day of play in 15 tons of snow brought in to give the kids a true ‘White Christmas. As a result of the fre that happened on February 4th, we cancelled the event last year.

Snow Day will be held this year on November 15 at the newly renovated Anaheim White House Restaurant. While this event is ‘just for kids’ it takes a village to put this on and we look to you as a partner to help us bring the joy of the holiday season to every child we serve

Red Carpet Gala

Every fall Caterina’s Club celebrates the children and families we serve and donors who make their journey out of homelessness possible. One of Orange County’s premiere events, the GALA has been hosted at the Richard M. Nixon Library and Museum, The Anaheim White House, and at the Marconi Automotive Museum.

With over 450 guest the Marconi Auto. Museum not only provides a venue space to meet this impressive number of international donors and community leaders, but also accommodates the growing pre-event reception area for our corporate sponsors.