Why Jobs in Hospitality and Service industry Have A Huge Impact on Local Communities

Looking to work in hospitality? 

Good news, you’ll have a job for life! According to a recent article by Katherine Lugar from the Washington Examiner, seventy percent of mayors surveyed recently by the U.S. Conference of Mayors said that within the tourism industry, hotel jobs are the first category that comes to mind when they think about jobs with the most opportunity, good benefits, and wages.” Not only are hospitality jobs good for employees, but for longevity. 

Hospitality and tourism are at a constant increase in growth. Hospitality is beneficial for people looking for entry-level but even better for people who are loyal to their jobs. Lugar at the Washington Examiner shares Abe Liao’s story where he moved up the ranks from a busboy to now a general manager! His hard work and determination paid off due to his willingness to learn other aspects of the hotel. Now, he’s running it.

In the hospitality industry if you’re a loyal employee who works hard moving up can be a breeze. More importantly, working at a restaurant or hotel in a local community can build bulletproof relationships with members of the community. 

For example, as a server, you can build relationships with your customers and begin to create a clientele of regulars. In a small community, people know you and will want to come back and request YOU. Not only does this look good on you, but it also looks good for business and the community. With people skills and serving skills on your side, you’re able to show your superiors you have stronghold relationships with your customers and vice versa. And who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Abe Liao and work your way up to general manager! 

Want to learn more about getting involved in the hospitality industry in your local community? Caterina’s Club offers multiple ways to get involved and get experience in the workforce. 

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