5 Top Places To Gain Experience for a Job in the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry 

The hospitality industry values employees who have started at the bottom. In most positions, employees truly have worked their way up. Higher up management are typically hired as a line cook, busser or bellboy, then learned the ropes of the entire restaurant or hotel before actually becoming the general manager. However, their experience in every position is actually the MOST beneficial because if something goes wrong in the business they are the first to know how to fix it. With experience in every area of the restaurant or business, they can diagnose the problem most efficiently. 

If you’re looking to get into the restaurant or hospitality industry we offer multiple programs here at Caterina’s Club that can kick start your career. 

However, in the meantime, here are a few suggestions to get your foot in the door right now: 

Contact a Friend or Loved One Who Works in the Industry 

To learn more about the restaurant and hospitality industry you might want to seek a friend or loved one that is involved. If a friend works at a restaurant or hotel, talk to your friend or ask to shadow them at work. 

Work at Your Local Coffee Shop

 Are you a coffee lover? Or maybe a tea guru? Even if coffee or tea isn’t your beverage of choice, working at a local coffee shop can help start a career by working with the general public. Many customers have a specific way they want their coffee or tea. A lot of customers are on their way to work and in a rush when they’re ordering coffee. Dealing with different types of moods and people will strengthen your abilities for a career in hospitality. 

Retail, Retail, and more Retail 

Who doesn’t love clothes? Retail is another great stepping stone to create a foundation for the hospitality industry. You’ll be folding clothes, stocking inventory, and working with a cash register. All of these aspects are important for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Also, the customer is ALWAYS right! This golden rule will be implemented with every interaction in retail. 


Although nailing down a receptionist job may be difficult, you never know who might hire you, so why not try? A receptionist answers calls, sends out faxes, and ultimately is in charge of all correspondence between the business and their clients. In a receptionist position, you’ll learn the ropes of a business and how to communicate with customers while remaining poised. The receptionist is the ultimate damage control. With a role as a receptionist, you’ll learn how to put out fires, solve problems, all while keeping a smile on your face. Remaining calm in stressful situations is one of the most important rules of the hospitality industry. 

Work with Food 

Similar to a coffee shop, customers like their food a certain way and they want it now. When people are hungry, they can sometimes be difficult to handle. However, working with food and building relationships with your customers can be a great tool for a career in the restaurant or hospitality industry. You’ll learn the basics of a kitchen and health code violations. This can be mirrored into the hotel business or a 5-star restaurant! 

Kickstart your career in the restaurant or hospitality industry today and remember the customer is always right. Serve your customers with a smile and gain experience at one of our programs at Caterina’s Club. Contact us today on our website. 


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