Why Housing Assistance Makes a Big Difference for Families

At Caterina’s Club, our Welcome Home program provides families with affordable housing so they can get back on their feet. Unfortunately, affordable housing can be hard to come by for low-income families without the help of Caterina’s Club and many are either homeless or living paycheck to paycheck in motels or shelters. With situations like these, we do our best to give families the support they need in order to find the financial foundation they would have never have had without Caterina’s Club. Housing Assistance such as Welcome Home can’t do it alone, there are many families across the United States that are struggling to find affordable living for themselves and their children. 

Housing assistance can make a big difference for families by providing children with a stable home environment and bring families back together allowing parents to be more present in their kids’ lives. It can be hard for single parents to make rent and even if they do, it can be even harder for them to be able to help children with homework, take them to school, or spend quality time with their children. When a parent is working multiple jobs to make rent it can be difficult to be around as much as they intend. By providing housing assistance parents have the freedom to spend time with their children on the days they choose, instead of worrying about another shift to make rent. 

It’s heartbreaking to think of anyone without a home, much less a family. Financial troubles can cause anyone to be put on the streets or forced to live in an unsafe area, but at Caterina’s Club we know families deserve a healthy at-home environment. By providing housing assistance we eliminate children from potential trauma and grant them access to better education, stable home, and warm cooked meals. 

Although, some families are able to provide exceptional love and care for their children regardless of living conditions we strive to give families the housing they deserve without the struggle. With housing assistance such as Welcome Home, we can bring families back together. 

Want to help out with Welcome Home? Visit our website here and help us give families the home they deserve.  

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