3 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit More Sustainable

A common theme surrounding sustainability is that it’s expensive, but we know that’s just a hoax. And we’re ready to debunk the sustainability hoax! At Caterina’s Club, we aim to bring our most sustainable asset, pasta, to the children of our communities. Although nonprofit organizations aren’t exhausted with resources, there are simple and inexpensive ways to go green without breaking the bank. 


Organize a Plan 


You can’t start being sustainable without a plan! Talk to your team members and discuss going green. Make sure everyone is on board because you can’t go sustainable without all hands on deck. For your organization to make the green switch, all team members will need to understand the new green, optimized, and upgraded processes at your organization. This is the biggest issue with sustainability changes, is that not everyone is in the know. It’s important to create a team-friendly plan so your plan can actually be executed. Start with your carbon footprint and figure out how much waste you are generating, then determine how to scale back successfully and efficiently!


Reduce and Recycle 


One of the easiest and quickest ways to turn sustainability is reducing and recycling. Instead of using jugs of water, plastic water bottles, or plastic cups. Tell your staff to start bringing their own water bottles from home or buy personalized water bottles from recyclable plastics. New green gear such as a water bottle can kickstart a sustainable organization with reducing and recycling! Create separate bins one for plastics, papers, and trash – make sure to put a process for each so everyone is on the same page. Then, watch as your nonprofit transforms into going green a little day by day. 


Work Remote


Want to cut electricity bills? Work remotely on Fridays! Give your staff a day to work from home, maybe even let them choose the day they want to be out of the office. By working remotely you can cut electricity bills, save on gasoline, and cut waste. 

Help your planet, your staff, and your business by going sustainable. Nonprofit organizations are in the perfect position to lead by example by going green. If one nonprofit can go green, why can’t the rest of the world? 

Be the change we need today, start planning and go green today with your nonprofit organization today!

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