Why Food is the Gateway To Building Community Engagement and Partnerships

It’s a common saying that food brings people together and it’s the truth. We understood that food is an important aspect of building relationships and with this, we made pasta the foundation of Caterina’s Club. But, how can you connect food with your community? Is it possible to use food as the source towards building community engagement and partnerships with your fellow peers?

Luckily, at Caterina’s Club we have experience in food AND the community. To date, we have prevented children in motels from going to bed hungry by feeding 5,055 vulnerable children at 89 sites throughout LA and Orange Counties; 217 families have been placed in permanent housing in safe neighborhoods through our Welcome Home program, and 258 teens have participated in our Hospitality Academy programs. Through home-cooked meals we have helped vulnerable children, their families, and the community become a safer environment.

Want to follow our example and use food to be more involved in your community?

Here’s why food is key to building community engagement and partnerships:

Community Events Are Centered Around Food

Donuts and Dads? Muffins and Moms? Remember those community events for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? They were always centered around food! You can serve a low budget menu like donuts or muffins, but still have a good turn out. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, you could host a holiday cookie drive where it’s plates of handmade cookies. Community events centered around food can get new residents and natives to come out and mingle with their neighbors.

People LOVE Food Regardless of Their Background

Food is versatile, just like your community. People come from all different walks of life, demographics, and backgrounds and food welcomes everyone to have a bite. You could serve a variety of food for all taste buds. You could even host a community event with food catered around a specific culture. If you wanted to throw a latin night, you could serve chips and salsa or tacos! This can be mirrored to other cultures and create a menu that is specifically for them and it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

It’s important to understand that food is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways to bring people together. And what’s better than starting with your community? Host a food drive, cookie event, or cultural event with food as the excitement of the event, you’d be surprised at how many people would come. Make 2020 a year for the community, and visit our website, Caterina’s Club, to learn about our food-centered events. 


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