4 Creative Ways to Show Gratitude To Your Donors

It’s that time of year again! Are you excited for this holiday season? With Thanksgiving and Christmas in store, we are all getting ready for a BIG pasta feast. During this time, we need to count our blessings and thank the volunteers, donors, and contributors who actively take part in shaping Caterina’s Club into what it is today. Here are four ways to give your donors an extra special thank you:

Recognize Your Donors on Your Website

Make it website official! Recognize your donors by adding their names on the front page of your website. You could even tell your website visitors a fun fact or short bio about your top donors. Recognizing your donors on your website will bring in more traffic from your immediate volunteers and new visitors! With donor’s names being highlighted they will spread the word to their friends and family, so everyone can see! And this means more conversion for your website.

Send a Personalized Video

What’s more personal than a video? Videos resonate with an audience because you’re able to see someone’s face and hear their voice. To show your donors you appreciate them, you might want to share your personal experience working with them, memory, and why it meant so much to you. Then, your donors can also share their videos on social media for other people to see!

Write Handwritten Thank You Notes

Cards are so underrated! With this day and age, it’s all digital but receiving a handwritten card never goes out of style. Donors can also keep this handwritten note for years to come and always look back on it and remember how grateful THEY are to be apart of your organization. Start writing your cards and show your donors some appreciation.

Social Media Shoutout

A social media shoutout is similar to the shoutout on your website, but there is a difference. It’s almost 2020 and social media is booming. A social media shoutout could be seen by your followers AND your donor’s followers. You can build your following and show your appreciation at the same time.

Are you ready to share your gratitude with your donors? We think any of these four options would be more than enough to show your appreciation. If you want to learn more about our donors at Caterina’s Club or become apart of our donor program, visit our donate page here.

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