Why Customer Service & Empathy Matters Now More Than Ever

With emotions, tension, and stress at a higher level than normal, most people around the globe are struggling on a daily basis to resume their normal activities, much less, a normal life. As the pandemic has shaken families from all demographics, social classes, and walks of life, it is vital to remain empathetic. Although we may come from different areas, we are all experiencing the same heartbreak, losing loved ones, worrying about the safety of our loved ones, trying to remain employed, and much much more. 

One of the industries that has been suffering the most is the customer service industry, such as restaurants, hospitality, operators, first-responders, etc. For people who are lucky enough to work remote or away from the public, we need to remain level-headed when going out into normal life. This means we need to keep our wits about us even when we’re worried about germs, cleanliness, wearing a face mask, and keep hand sanitizer on you at all times. In these times, it can be easy to get caught up in the madness of the pandemic and we don’t blame you. We believe everyone needs to stay alert and stay safe, however, first responders and customer service workers are the ones who are helping keep the world turning. 

With this said, customer service workers are following their own regulations to stay above and ahead of health and safety regulations, especially during this sensitive time. What we can do in return for them is to be caring and empathetic towards their situation as well. They are at risk just like anyone else, but their career is taking a larger toll than most could imagine. Doing our due diligence as customers by keeping a mask on at all times, hand sanitizer close, and wearing gloves if necessary can make their jobs easier. This is what we need to keep in mind in the midst of this pandemic is that we are all human. We are one humanity, trying to find the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. It’s important to always go the extra mile, but with life more difficult than normal, it now becomes a necessity. 

So, next time you come across a customer service worker, remember they are struggling just as much as you. Let’s lift each other up as much as possible during this sensitive time and stay united. At Caterina’s Club, we are uplifting children from all over Southern California with warm meals and helping our Hospitality Academy stay united even with the pandemic among us. We ensure our students and volunteers wear masks and gloves at all times. A mask and gloves does not stop us from helping our community and doing our part. For more information on how to stay united and tips about coping during COVID, visit our website here. 


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