Activating Your Nonprofit Board In Difficult Times

When difficult times arise, it can be hard to make sure all your board members are engaged and actively fundraising for your organization. It is natural for people to be focused on their own families and what’s going on in the world – sometimes this might be why they aren’t as connected with their organization like they normally are. In difficult times, especially right now with COVID at an all-time high, it’s important to keep your board members engaged by setting expectations, actively communicating, and going beyond your normal mission. 

At Caterina’s Club, we continuously stress the fact that we are always feeding more and more children every day. And our overall goal is to ensure no child goes to bed hungry, with this mission we can create a sense of urgency and passion across all our board members and more so, in difficult times. Read below for some of the things we do to create a sense of unity between our board members and our organization: 

Set an Expectation 

Being a part of a nonprofit is a reward in itself, but it does come with financial necessities and this is why all board members need to do their part to keep the organization going through fundraising. When board members first join or are first recruited it’s best to layout fundraising expectations at the beginning and regular check-ups to ensure things are going smoothly from their end and if there is anything you can do to help. It’s important to help keep your board members on track throughout the process. You can do this by applying peer board members who are “champion” fundraisers or have outdone themselves time and time again. This can help other board members learn by example and strive to be a leader as well. 

Actively Communicate 

Actively communicating with your board members is a must always, not just in difficult times. However, during difficult times you should be communicating even more. There are so many things happening in the world, laws, and regulations changing, etc. board members will want to be updated on expectations changing for them as well too, and the well-being of your organization. Make sure you send out a weekly email or newsletter to your board members to bring them up to speed on weekly or monthly meetings and the agenda behind these meetings. Make sure they are prepared with important topics and due dates. 

Go Beyond Your Mission

Most of your board members are a part of your organization because they want to, not because they have to. They genuinely believe in the cause and what they are a part of. Philanthropy can go a long way in someone’s heart and can make them want to go above the expectation set for them. So, why not make this easy on them and talk about going beyond your monthly goals? How can you communicate with your board members about going beyond the mission and ask them if they have any ideas? You’d be surprised at how many board members will want to share their own ideas about going beyond the mission. 

In difficult times it can be hard for everyone, board members included, but this doesn’t mean your organization has to suffer. Continue to engage your board members by setting expectations, actively communicating, and going beyond your mission. Learn more about how Caterina’s Club uses these methods in our own organization by visiting our website. 

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