Make a Change in the World with the Be the Change Foundation’s Youngevity 5k

The Be the Change Foundation was created to help change the lives of those at home and around the world. At this year’s Youngevity 5k in San Diego, Be The Change 5k is committed to donating a minimum of $30,000 to be distributed equally among three charities partners: Make-A-Wish® San Diego, Caterina’s Club and the Gary Sinise Foundation. Although we’re not all marathon runners or even light joggers, a 5k for a good cause sure sounds like fun!

Our very own Chef Bruno was in attendance and gave one of his very best speeches to the public. Chef Bruno spoke to the Youngevity Be the Change Foundation and volunteers to promote changing lives across Southern California. At Caterina’s Club, we focus on giving children and their families the life they never thought was possible through Feeding the Children, Welcome Home, and the Hospitality Academy. By coming together with Youngevity Be the Change Foundation, we can advocate this change even further.

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The Youngevity 5k goes beyond just doing a good deed, Caterina’s Club believes their values mirror our own and our team supports all nonprofits who are doing what they can to make a change in the world. In a world filled with chaos, Caterina’s Club, Youngevity Be the Change Foundation, and other nonprofit organizations are making a difference to calm the chaos with love. It’s simply our duty to spread kindness to people who have experienced life’s ups and downs. There is strength in numbers and together we will create a world that glows with kindness.

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