How You Can Make the Most Out of an Internship with Caterina’s Club

Caterina’s Club is always looking to grow our family which is why we offer internships to all walks of life who share our vision to provide warm meals, affordable housing assistance, and job training to homeless and low-income families. Throughout Southern California, we are closing the poverty and hunger gap by replacing it with pasta!

Caterina’s Club is looking for individuals who would like to give back to their community and create positive change. We welcome native Californians who have the drive to contribute their unique backgrounds, talents, and skill levels to further Caterina’s Club mission. Does this sound like you?

We have three incredible programs to help families across California and with an internship, you would be helping with the following:


Feeding the Children


One of our programs at Caterina’s Club is Feeding the Children. We believe that pasta is the best sustainable food to end global hunger. Caterina’s Club and our partner, Chef Bruno now serve over 25,025 fresh, nutritionally balanced meals to underprivileged children every week. Getting involved with our program, Feeding the Children, can help you make the most impact in your internship. If you have a natural inclination for volunteer work and helping others around you, Feeding the Children provides you with the opportunity to feed and nourish underprivileged children. However, the best reward is simply lending a helpful hand to children in need.



Welcome Home


The Welcome Home program remedies motel living by raising funds to provide families with the push they need to get out of the motel and into an apartment or condo. Caterina’s Club partners with Mercy House and Illumination Foundationto identify these families, provide necessary case managing, financial advising, and eventually the first/last month’s rent and deposit due at move in. We also collect donated furniture, appliances, and other home goods to jumpstart these families new lives. We’re continuously relocating families, but as of right now we’ve successfully relocated 202 families! Welcome Home is a great program for interns who are seeking experience in financial advising, real estate, and management positions. We look at the ins and outs of housing to provide families with the best and safe option as their new humble abode.


Hospitality Academy


Welcome Home provides families with a safe roof over their heads, while the Hospitality Academy, works to offer at-risk teenagers the ability to enter the job force and provide them with the necessary skills to become employed. Chef Bruno’s Hospitality Academy; a partnership with Anaheim Union’s P21 Mentorship program educates at-risk teenagers with a nine-week program. The Hospitality Academy teaches content and skills that are not available in a traditional school day. We train our students the Hospitality Industry and give them the opportunity to be trained in restaurant specific skills. Welcome Home is a good opportunity for future teachers, writers, and social workers because you can help educate the youth in writing, reading, and other skills needed that have been overlooked by traditional schools. We hope to shape their career vision for Hospitality and provide them with the appropriate mentors so they have endless opportunities. As an intern, you have the ability to become a mentor and give the right guidance to other kids so they can achieve their goals. You can provide kids with the skills in the restaurant service, marketing, and administration industry.

If one of our programs has resonated with you, we want to hear from you. As we said earlier, we welcome interns from all walks of life. However, our internships include the following positions:

  • Grant Writer
  • Administrative
  • Web Master
  • Events/ Volunteer Coordinator
  • Public Relations

Each team member is valued at Caterina’s Club and by becoming involved in our programs you can make the most impact from your internship. If you’re ready to help our fight against global hunger and share your unconditional love across Southern California, apply for one of our internships today.


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