How Restaurants Can Continue Serving Their Customers During A Crisis

Our life has turned upside down. Words like lockdown, quarantine, and pandemic haven’t just been hearsay it’s the truth. How can the restaurant industry survive when everyone is staying home and making a profit is the least of our worries? At Caterina’s Club, the Coronavirus is the least of our worries. We still believe in never letting any child go to bed hungry. Regardless of the virus, we will continue to serve children with warm meals. Just like overcoming the fire in 2017, Chef Bruno and the Caterina’s Club office are working daily with every location that can stay open to ensure kids can be fed pasta. And we’re not the only ones who are still capable of serving meals, you are too! 

Read below to learn how to continue serving your customers with warm meals: 


Delivery is Quarantine Approved


Delivery, delivery, and delivery! Now’s a great time to take advantage of takeout, to-go, AND curbside pick-up. Delivering food to customer’s homes is sanitary and hospitable. The best of the two worlds for your customers and a good way to show foodies they don’t have to live without your food! 


Encourage a Promotion for Ordering To-Go 


So, now you’ve got the delivery in place – give your customers an incentive to order to-go! You could do buy one get one half off if you order to-go. Or even make it fun or creative by saying, “eat good, feel good” with food delivery! Customers can order their food-to-go and be guilt-free about social distancing. 


Update Your Customers Through Social Media 


We may be social distancing, but we’re definitely not distancing from social media! Take the time to build your social following, by updating your customers through your social channel. Promote delivery, to-go, and curbside pick up on your channels! Get more followers, engagement, and foodies with a fun aesthetic or layout. Everyone’s going virtual, your restaurant should too! 

We know times are difficult right now and finding new ways to maintain your customers can be difficult. With these three tips, you can keep delivering food to your loyal customers while staying safe.

Learn more about how Caterina’s Club is continuing to deliver warm meals to children by visiting our website right now.

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