7 Tips to Help Your Children Cope with Changes from COVID-19

There’s no doubt our seniors are especially at risk to health concerns from the coronavirus, and those in the working force have both physical and economic well-being matters to traverse, but our children are in many ways uniquely vulnerable. While everyone needs to make adjustments to the new normal, kids have far less basis for knowing what “normal” means and typically have yet to be fully developed coping skills to figure out how to act. Yet, children are remarkably resilient and with the proper doses of love and guidance, should be just fine.


It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to be there when your kids want to talk, but sometimes that’s only part of the equation; sometimes they need to talk, and they don’t know they do. It’s your job as a parent to figure out when your input is not only beneficial but required. Depending on how old they are and how you approach it, you may get shot down and made to feel foolish, but, ultimately, no parent regrets trying too hard. And, oh by the way, the kids notice and appreciate it in their own way.

Be real

We are all learning as we go about this pandemic. Yes, talk about the fears, the science and what we can do to try and stay safe, but don’t pretend to have all the answers or minimize their concerns.

Monitor their time

No matter what the situation, you should know how your children spend their time. They may have more free time now because of limited school hours, and even if they’re not leaving the house, it’s up to you to make sure their influences are positive and in-line with your values.

Emphasize education

Remote learning has its challenges, but it’s best to make sure your kids don’t fall into the trap of concluding, “Oh, I just can’t learn this way.” Yes, they can, and hold them accountable.

Be a role model

Children, overtly or subconsciously, look to their parents for standards of behavior. Be aware of this and act accordingly.

Establish a routine

Making sure there are consistent sleep and wake times along with regular meals can bring a surprising level of calm when all else is out of sorts.

Don’t forget exercise and fun

Activity is necessary, a great way to burn off anxiety and can be a bond-building experience.

If you’re looking for guidance on these drastic changes for your family, or looking for support and volunteer opportunities, get in touch with our team today and we can help to get through this together




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