Why Donating “Holiday Foods” Is So Important

There are many things to be grateful for during the holiday season, especially the food. However, we know everyone doesn’t have time to make the food or even eat all the food. So, what do you do with all your canned goods and leftovers? Donate, donate, donate! And with Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years coming up, help others get into the holiday spirit with holiday foods. Want a head start? Here are a few reasons why you should be donating holiday foods this season: 

Food Banks are in High Demand During the Holidays

Unfortunately, many people are without homes and with the cold season, it becomes harder for them to find shelter. Although food banks and homeless shelters never like to turn away a hungry soul, it can be difficult when it’s filled to compacity and food is running scarce. However, with donations from generous families during the holidays it can save not just one, but many people from going hungry. And what better food to donate then Christmas casseroles, holiday ham, and timeless turkey? All food is a blessing to shelters, but holiday food makes a meal all the more festive. 

People Can’t Always Be With Their Families 

When it comes to holidays, few families live in the same city, much less the same state. It can be hard to see family during the holidays and we know plane tickets or gas can end up being an expense not everyone can afford. If you’re celebrating solo this season or with a small group, donate the holiday food that will go to waste otherwise. Some shelters or food banks might even create a “holiday meal” in honor of the season. Why not be apart of it and make a contribution? 

You’re Giving Someone a Present 

Donating food is a gift. Holiday guru’s and Black Friday shoppers can sometimes get confused about the purpose of the deals and the holiday season. Gifts are meant for giving, not receiving and this goes for any holiday, not just Christmas or Hanukkah. You never know what gift you could be putting on someone’s plate with your donation and you never know whose holiday you could be making with actual holiday food. When it comes to donations, there’s a bigger picture than just the surface. 

It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re celebrating, give back to your community and help the less fortunate. With your help, they can feel like they too are celebrating with holiday food donations. Don’t know where to donate? No problem, check out our website to find a donation center near you. 

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