Top 10 Careers in the Restaurant and Service Industry

If you’re looking to make a positive impact in the world, discover positions that help make people’s lives ever more manageable. Programs such as Chef Bruno’s Hospitality Academy, provides at-risk teenagers with an extended learning opportunity to the Orange County Hospitality Industry. Through mentorship, job training, and skill development, the Hospitality Academy helps bright kids move toward future success. This article will further explore the top 10 careers within the restaurant and service industry that are full of opportunity.

Executive Chef/ Kitchen Manager

The executive chef/kitchen manager is the head of the back of the house, where he or she creates specials, orders ingredients, and maintains the quality of food being served. However, an executive chef may find staffing duties included on the job, as well protecting the integrity and strength of the team. You’ll want to have a considerable amount of cooking and restaurant management experience before considering the title. With this experience, however, comes knowledge and skill, as this position has the ability to create, master, and perfect recipes, and knows how to control and maintain maximum efficiency in the kitchen. Essentially, executive chefs are backbone of the restaurant, and considered the most important member of the restaurant staff.

Restaurant managers

Restaurant managers run the front of the house, and operate the day to day business for the restaurant. Qualities of restaurant manager include foundational skills such as general organization, people skills, and the ability to deliver exceptional customer service (view a sample resume for a restaurant manager). They oversee the maintenance of all food-handling procedures, operations and logistics, as well as supervising the overall success of the business in terms of profit. While this role does not require formal education, you should have prior restaurant experience and is familiar with the business.

Hospitality Manager

Hospitality managers are responsible for facilities that include both food services as well as accommodations, such as hotels and resorts. Their primary focus is on guest experiences and delivering exceptional customer service, which in turn contribute to the overall success and profit of the business. Hospitality managers can be found overseeing tasks centered in areas of human resources, finance, and operations management.

Bookkeeper or Accountant

Restaurants may also have bookkeepers or accountants employed under the owner. Bookkeepers are responsible for recording all debits and credits of a business, such as daily bank deposits or payroll checks. Accountants are the analysts for those transactions and compile the financial information given by the bookkeeper to prepare documents that give the owner of the business recommendations for financial actions. Owning a restaurant can be incredibly time-consuming, so many owners hire employees specifically for these roles.

Shift Manager

The shift manager runs the employee level of interaction. They make sure work stations are left intact, and they also keep track of supplies, handle cash, and regularly interact with customers.

Restaurant Publicist

If you have a love of food and sharing stories behind them, becoming a restaurant publicist may be just for you. This is all about building relationships with all types of people. You are responsible for developing a good brand image for a restaurant, and handling all sorts of positive and negative attention that faces it.


As a sommelier, or wine steward, you are trained and knowledgeable wine professional. Sommeliers normally working in fine restaurants and know where their wines come from, what they taste like, how they are made, and so on. They are usually well traveled and basically love to everything around a great wine glass.


The bartender is certainly the top of the front of house staff. While the hierarchy may depend on the type of restaurant, bartenders are  responsible for getting the rest of the staff drinks for their tables, and serving directly to customers who sit at the bar.


The host is the friendly face you’re likely to meet and greet at the entrance of many restaurants. They’re tasked to provide quality customer service, and are comfortable multi-tasking, often handling busy shifts. This is a great starting position for anyone want to move forward in the restaurant and service industry.


Responsibilities for servers span further than being able to correctly take down and fulfill orders from customers. Customer service and the capability of leaving a lasting impression are just some of the important traits for a great server. Naturally, as restaurants can become quite busy, server must also be able to multitask efficiently and work well under pressure.

This is just a small glimpse of some great careers available in the restaurant and service industry. Caterina’s Club’s mission is to assist in job training and career opportunities for children in homeless and low-income families throughout Southern California. Caterina’s Club also provides warm meals and affordable housing assistance, where the vision is to create a modicum of consistency in these children’s lives through something as simple yet meaningful as a nightly dinner and a caring mind.

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