Three EASY Ways Your Restaurant Can Give Back To Your Community

We love our community, don’t you? The golden state of California is just that, golden. And with California’s mindset, we hope to be a golden resident and a golden member of the community. Working at a restaurant comes with perks that exceed your customer service expertise. By working around food you see numerous meals in and out of the kitchen. Why not use your experience and knowledge around food by giving back to your community?

Here’s three easy ways your restaurant can give back to your community today:

Pick a Charity to Support

It doesn’t have to be Caterina’s Club (but we would greatly appreciate it), it’s important to show your customers you care about charities. Picking a charity to support will resonate with your staff and customers by exposing them to an organization they may have never heard of. Having a charity on your side also exposes your restaurant as a business who cares about more than just food, you care about your community. If you want to go above and beyond, you can even host a special event at your restaurant where a percentage of the proceeds are donated to charity. You’d be surprised at how many people will donate! 

Host a Food Drive

Hosting a food drive is also an easy way a restaurant can give back to the community. If you’re next to other restaurants you can talk with management and see if they want to help host the food drive as well. Customers can come eat, and bring canned goods! At the end of their meal, you can ask for a review too, so others can see your contribution to the community. Make it a one-day event or a month-long, food drives are an easy way to give back to the community and boost your restaurant’s reputation. 

Donate Any Unused Food

Donating extra food or other restaurant items to local shelters can help the community tremendously. This is also an easy procedure to incorporate into closing duties. At the end of the night all employees can help gather nonperishables or extra food that would have originally gone to waste. Get all hands on deck and build more of a community within your restaurant too by having each employee bring unused food to the shelter. 

Want to hear more ways you can give back to your community? Visit our programs tab to learn more about giving back through Feeding the Children, Welcome Home, and the Hospitality Academy. Together, we can give back to our community little by little every day to make sure California is always golden. 

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