Amid a Pandemic, Chef Bruno & Anaheim White House Donates Over Half a Million Meals

Although we are slowly progressing back to normal life with COVID looming over us, it’s not the same as it was before. It seems as if we can’t leave the house without a mask or a bottle of hand sanitizer and it has become the new norm. Regardless of new societal norms, many people are still scared, suffering every night without a roof over their heads or a warm cooked meal for dinner. This is where we come in. Chef Bruno has a heart of gold that pushed him to start Caterina’s Club in the first place and when the pandemic broke out, his heart became more full to help those in need. He understands the small steps like a warm meal can move mountains for a family. 

Chef Bruno at the historical Anaheim White House has stepped up and donated more than 628,000 meals in the past several weeks. Chef says the need to donate has dramatically increased in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. Our Chef knows no one should go to bed hungry and in the midst of the pandemic, we plan to feed as many hungry mouths as possible. 

Since the COVID 19 outbreak, we have served over 668,144 meals

With these numbers, anything is possible – it takes a team to change lives and it takes people who are willing to give back to their community to change the world. 

On top of this, we continue to assist moving homeless families out of motels and into apartments, having now moved a total of # 226 families via our Welcome Home Program. The most recent family, #226 is able to move into stable housing. She is a single mother and her son, who has autism. His mom told us, “Having a place to call home and having his own room is what he has wanted for a long time now.” They are now in a safer environment where her son will be able to have all his necessities and be much more comfortable. 

Thanks to a very generous donor, family #225, a single mother with 2 sons was provided with furniture for the entire apartment.

And the lives changed is what keeps us going and reassures us that what we’re doing is just a small part of bringing families together for a lifetime. Are you looking to make a difference in your community? If you’d like to learn more about how you can join Caterina’s Club or volunteer locally, visit our website here. 

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