Students of the 2019 Hospitality Academy making dough

7 Essential Skills for a Career in Hospitality and Restaurant Management

The hospitality industry is centered around customer service, “the customer is always right.” Although working in the hospitality industry can be physically and mentally demanding, it can also be extremely rewarding and offer long term relationships. The service industry also sets employees up for all types of jobs in the future. Having a strong sense for placing the customer at the forefront of every decision will always be an advantage for any job. Here are the 7 essential skills for a career in hospitality and restaurant management:

Students of the 2019 Hospitality Academy

Good Communication

Hospitality requires constant communication between customers, staff, and management. It’s important that each customer has a good experience, but not everyone has the same needs, wants, or concerns. The variety of a customer’s needs requires people who work in the hospitality industry to be excellent communicators. Since the environment is typically fast paced you need communication for everything to run on schedule and as smooth as possible. Effective oral and written communication must be executed at all times.  

Customer Service

Customers are at the forefront of every decision in hospitality. If you’re looking for a career in this industry, it’s up to you to make sure the customer is happy. Good customer service ensures the customer is ALWAYS happy. Regardless of what they’re expectations are, your service should exceed them by putting their happiness first at all times in all scenarios. Negative feedback or reviews can also spread quickly, so be careful, you don’t want your name to be soiled because you slacked on your customer service!


People who are working in hospitality often have unconventional schedules. The restaurant business typically has late hours, long shifts, and open on the holidays. The hospitality industry doesn’t follow the usual 9 to 5 office job, it’s often on your feet with uncertain hours. You must be ready to work when unexpected situations occur and you may not always have holidays free. It’s important to be prepared to work and be flexible with your co-workers, management, and customers.


Within a typical day, you will handle hundreds of customers at a time. On top of delivering immaculate customer service, you need to be able to juggle several tasks while remaining professional, personable, and organized. There are multiple responsibilities when working in the hospitality industry and all of this will happen simultaneously.

Restaurant Manager speaking to students of the 2019 Hospitality Academy

Team player

Along with communication, you need to be a team player. Communication needs to constantly flow between customers, staff, and management, and so does being a team player. Working well with co-workers can help when things start to get busy. You should be able to take constructive criticism but also offer new ways to improve efficiency and success. Your other team members should feel supported by you and work together as a union to achieve a common goal to deliver great service.  


In the hospitality industry, there are constant changes being made to procedures, menus, venues, etc. With each change, it’s mandatory to be teachable and coachable. Remaining open-minded will strengthen your teachability, likability, and make you a valuable team member.

Cultural Awareness

If the hospitality industry is a good fit for you, then you need to be ready to meet people from all walks of life. For someone working in the restaurant business, you need to be sensitive and understanding of different cultures and nationalities. Embrace the variety of customers and their homeland! In-turn your customer will appreciate it and make for a happy experience.

By utilizing these 7 essential skills, you will have a good career path in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Once you’ve mastered all 7, you will move forward in your career and every customer will have a great experience with you.


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