4 Priorities Every Non-profit Should Focus On In 2021

2020 was a year of unexpected and unprecedented stress on philanthropic organizations, which in turn creates many unknowns for 2021. Donors have been remarkably generous, but can it continue? Will the federal government continue or expand incentives to encourage contributions? Will state and local governments be able to maintain ongoing grant programs? Non-profits need to be more directed and focused than ever.

Work even harder on subscription donation plans

In conjunction with the increase of online giving as the vehicle for contributions, non-profits can find it easier to promote regular monthly donations. This helps the non-profit for planning in knowing certain funds can be relied on and also works to the donor’s advantage for accounting and budget purposes.

Virtual fundraising is here to stay

The pre-2020 world saw more and more virtual events, and for now, it is all but essential. Moving forward, moreover, virtual fundraisers attract a broader base of donors, are less expensive to run and can easily create a database for future events and campaigns.

Engage donors where they are

If a non-profit is not fully engaged in establishing and maintaining a presence on social media, countless opportunities will be lost. It’s important to develop followers on the established sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter and stay abreast of newer platforms such as TikTok and Parler.

Diversify and be nimble

Reliance on what worked before has always had its downside. It’s far better to be out front of the curve than chasing behind it. If there is one lesson to be learned from 2020, perhaps it’s that we all need to think fast and react even faster. Non-profits who have had continued success in their mission already realize this, but it is even more imperative now than ever.

Caterina’s Club values every donation received and does our very best to stem the tide of poverty. Please help us help the community.



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