3 Ways to Support Your Nonprofit Virtually

The world has changed in many ways in recent times, and people are beginning to make the adjustment. Not so long ago, volunteering at your favorite nonprofit typically involved getting out and working with others to accomplish a specific task. Whether it was serving meals, working in a daycare facility or building a house, “real-world” interactions were the norm. Today, we understand we are in a situation where social distancing keeps us all safer, and reducing any non-essential contact is a best practice. However, this does not mean you cannot continue to support your favorite nonprofit; it just means you need to be a little more creative.

Volunteer your skills

Many people have special skills that can prove valuable to nonprofits, especially now with the emphasis on transitioning to or expanding on an online presence. Webmasters, data entry professionals and content writers are all valuable to nonprofits. Whatever savings can be found on administrative costs and operational overhead translate into more resources for the underlying cause. For a list of opportunities to donate your time to Caterina’s Club, please visit our internship page.

Attend your nonprofit’s virtual fundraiser

Running or walking the annual 5K race is fun and the camaraderie is special, but you can still participate by establishing your own course or running on a treadmill. A virtual concert is not like an in-person event, but it still can be enjoyable. You get the point; with a few adjustments, we can still do the right thing and support our causes. Stay posted for information on our upcoming events.

Use social media to create a viral challenge

Remember the ice bucket challenge? When all was said and done, this fun event which dominated news and social media feeds, raised $115 million for ALS. Obviously, that was a hugely successful idea, but in any case, peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to tap into existing networks of friends and associates to raise awareness for a specific cause.

For most of us, a warm meal and a safe place to call home are everyday basics, which we take for granted. This is not so for many people who live among us. Help us continue to help our community, the children and low-income families throughout Southern California. See how you can get involved with Caterina’s Club here.


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