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Providing hot, nutritious food to children all over the world

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What we do?

Harness the power of pasta

The vision of Caterina’s Club of ending global hunger begins with pasta. We beleive that this sustainable food is the answer to provide the world with the energy we need. We are taking over hunger one city at a time! Caterina’s Club serves over 17,580 fresh, nutritionally balanced, meals to underprivileged children every week.


The Need


Orange County residents struggle to get their food needs met on a regular basis, and that number is growing

1 in 5

children are at risk of hunger each month in Orange County


of childhood type 2 diabetes has been linked to the consumption of high processed foods

Our Impact

Clubs operating around the world today

Million meals served to date

Children are provided hot, nutritious food weekly

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Our Partners

Want to start your own Caterina’s Club?

We would love for you to!

There are over 30 clubs open and operating around the United States and world today, and we would love to see that number grow. Want to learn more information? Shoot us an email- lets talk.

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